And the blog moratorium shall end

So as you’ve undoubtedly noticed, I haven’t been blogging much lately. But this time, I actually have an excuse. :-)

One or two of you might recall that back in December 2002, I built my own weblog server. The reasoning behind this, at the time, was a mix of being fed up with my previous tool, and also that I wanted to have the flexibility to experiment with what were, at the time, new technologies like trackbacks and pingbacks.  It was all built with .NET and SQL Server.  Ah, good times.

Fast forward to 2007…things with my aging blog weren’t so rosy any more, as it had been neglected for quite some time. There weren’t any standard posting API’s implemented, so standard blogging tools like MarsEdit or Windows Live Writer wouldn’t work. I had some custom APIs for posting, and some tools from way back that would use those APIs to post, but those had stopped working well sometime in the last year or so…so I was basically stuck with posting using a web form that had the world’s least reliable HTML editor.

And to make things worse, if I wanted to upload an image, well, there was no easy way to do that. It actually got progressively worse over the years, until the other day, when I wanted to do this, my operations guys asked if I had the Cisco VPN client installed.  Eek!  That’s way too hard.

So anyway…I’ve switched to using WordPress, and migrated all of my content over here. If you’re reading this in an aggregator, you’re probably seeing a bunch of old content as well…that’s due to the URLs changing for the posts. But from now on, all should be well.

The WordPress migration was fairly interesting…I’ll put up another post about that for others who are contemplating something like this.

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