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Here’s the rundown on the new weblog. Although it bears a striking resemblance to the old version, it’s been completely redesigned and rewritten.

All posts are now stored in SQL Server, and pages are generated on the fly. On the main page, each post now has a title/link, along with links to comments and referrers for that particular post, with counts for each.

Comments are now allowed for each post, and are shown on the permanent link page for the post. Referrers for the particular post are also shown.

The calendar from Radio is gone, and is replaced by an archive list. Far easier to use, and much easier to find a particular post, IMHO.

All posts are searchable, using the search button in the top right corner. This will search only post data, ignoring page-template stuff (like the blogroll), which isn’t possible with Google.

To preserve existing links to old radio-generated pages (links like, redirect pages are in place. These currently don’t auto-redirect, but may be changed to do so in the future. The cool part about these is that they are auto-generated on the server from the admin site, so they can be easily modified en masse.

If you notice any problems, please let me know! Also, subscribers please update the RSS location to

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