Spammers vs. Greg – back to even

A few months ago, this blog was crawling with comment spam. Yikes.

Spammers – 1.  Greg – 0.

So around that time, I implemented a CAPTCHA validator here on my blog, so to leave a comment you’d have to actually read the funny letters, and type them in. All was well for a while…this actually eliminated comment spam here for about two weeks.  Woo-hoo!

Spammers – 1.  Greg – 1.

Then the spammers came back, armed with a new resolve.  And my comment feed became useless again, filled with spam before I could delete it.

Spammers – 2.  Greg – 1.

So now, I finally broke down. Comments on posts that are older than 14 days are now moderated. I’m hoping this takes care of most of the problem, since 99% of the comment spam here is on older posts. If the spammers actually take time to read this post and start spamming the recent items, then, well, I’ll have to think of something else.  But in the meantime, there’s been no spam for 30 minutes! :-)

Spammers – 2.  Greg – 2.

Anyway, if you’ve said goodbye to my comments feed in the past due to comment spam, come back!  It should hopefully be much cleaner now. And if you’re using NewsGator Online, here’s a handy link to get it back. :-)

5 thoughts on “Spammers vs. Greg – back to even

  1. IronMax

    I’ve had my site up up for quite along time and have yet to get comment spam. Who knows, it could be the amount of activity on the site. The site hasn’t received much in the last few months but would be nice if it got more users.


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