Factiva and NewsGator

As some have already noticed, NewsGator jointly announced a deal with Factiva this morning. For those who aren’t familiar with them, Factiva is a Dow Jones & Reuters company, who delivers premium content to corporate customers around the world. There’s quite a bit to this deal…but two things will come out of it very quickly:

1. All existing Factiva customers will be able to access their Factiva content via NewsGator Online and NewsGator Outlook edition, for free. This includes millions of their customers who will now have free use of NewsGator products.

2. Certain Factiva content will be made available for NewsGator Online premium susbcribers, starting in June.

And there’s more coming beyond this, later this year.

This is a great validator for the Enterprise RSS space – Factiva, with millions of enterprise customers, agrees with us that RSS is key to delivering content into this market. And a great win for us – since they’ve chosen NewsGator as the key platform for delivering content to their users.

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