NewsGator Outlook edition beta

It’s been a while…but yes, it’s finally that time again. :-)

The next version of NewsGator Outlook edition will go into beta testing sometime next week, and we’re soliciting folks who would like to help with the beta program.  I can’t yet post the complete feature list, but it’s mostly about synchronization.  If you think back to all of the comments that have been made over the last year about NewsGator’s sync system (doesn’t sync read/unread status to Outlook, stuff deleted online after I download, etc.), they’ve all been addressed.  Ok, maybe not ALL, because I know someone’s going to scour the forums for something we didn’t implement…but pretty much all of the major items have been addressed.  This is an entirely new synchronization system, built on the new API’s I talked about a while back…and I can tell you, after using it for a while, it rocks.

So anyway, if you’d like to participate in the beta, shoot me a note.  We’re going to limit the size, and we’re also going to ramp it up gradually; so if you send me a note and I don’t get back to you right away, don’t worry – I haven’t forgotten you!

5 thoughts on “NewsGator Outlook edition beta

  1. 2 new subs this am

    I sent out a request to greg to be part of the newsgator beta. This may or may not fix cases where, like last week, all of the msdn feeds reincarnated themselves and began the walk of the waking dead…[more]

  2. NewsGator's New Round

    Last week, NewsGator announced that they had raised a new round led by Masthead Venture Partners.  This brings the total amount raised by NewsGator to over $10 million.  David Beisel – an associate at Masthead who worked on the deal – has an extensive post on why they decided to make the investment.  Rather than repeat what David said here, check out his post on why he likes Masthead’s NewsGator investment. In addition to all the obvious reasons I’d be excited about this (additional capital, strong validation of NewsGator’s position in the market, more hands on deck to help build the…[more]


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