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A couple of quick things to mention.

First, we’re now publishing our subscriber statistics in our user-agent. That means when NewsGator Online retrieves a feed, it sends information to the publisher about how many subscribers there are to that particular feed. There have been quite a few folks publishing their readership statistics recently, and we’re trying to help out where we can.

And second, NewsGator and DivX announced at CES that NewsGator would be providing content to their supported consumer electronics devices through their DivX Connected program. This is a really cool development. We’ve had NewsGator Media Center edition for quite some time now, and it’s an awesome user experience for users with Windows XP Media Center edition or Snapstream Beyond Media. This DivX announcement takes that experience further, so you’ll be able to buy a DVD player that can display and interact with content from NewsGator.

3 thoughts on “Latest at NewsGator

  1. Joel Ross


    I love the subscriber stats in the user-agent. Very cool. I’m somewhat of a stat watcher, and not really knowing how many people subscribe to my feed sucks I know – that’s not what blogging is supposed to be about!). At least now I’ll have an idea for Newsgator subscribers.

    I first noticed Bloglines doing it, and was happy to see it. Maybe now more will follow.

    By the way, I’m a Newsgator user and absolutely love it. Awesome piece of software!

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