The Best of the Best

Yep, we’re still looking for great Windows and .NET developers.  Turns out it’s pretty hard to find folks with the depth of knowledge we’re looking for.  Most recently, Gordon has joined us (welcome!), but we still need more help.

So I thought I might list a few questions that our ideal candidate wouldn’t have too many problems with. Does this describe you?

  • You know the difference between _beginthreadex and CreateThread.
  • You know all of the ways to share memory between Win32 processes.  (hint – it’s a short list.) (another hint – it’s a really short list.)
  • You know what an AppDomain is, and you can think of a reason you might want to create one yourself.
  • You know what a HttpModule is, and you can think of at least two examples of why you might use one.
  • You know what Mutexes and Semaphores are used for. (hint – they don’t magically enable sharing stuff between threads.)
  • You know you can override member functions in C++ without them being declared virtual; and you know when and why you should declare them virtual.
  • You can explain the difference between:
       A::A() {m_x = 5;}
       A::A() : m_x(5) { }
  • When someone asks you to write code on a whiteboard to reverse a string in place, you’re disappointed that they didn’t ask a more interesting question.
  • You know that IL isn’t interpreted.
  • You can explain transaction isolation levels as they relate to SQL Server.
  • You know what the Running Object Table is, and can think of situations when you might want to use it.
  • You want to work with an amazing team of folks who thought I shouldn’t have put such easy questions on my blog.
  • If you’re not already here, you’re interested in relocating to Colorado.
Most of the work we do is in C#…however, some of our work is done in C++ (Managed C++ in most cases).
So if you want to come work with us, working on cutting-edge products for a very quickly growing company, then send a note to jobs (at)!

4 thoughts on “The Best of the Best

  1. Rick

    Do the “cutting-edge products” include Newsgator Outlook? I ask because it’s no longer cutting-edge, based on comparison to the frequently-updated competition anyway. There seem to be tumbleweeds blowing through v2.0 by comparison. Will more developers help that, or are the other aspects of the company now just a lot more important?

  2. Brad Wilson

    Rick, the answer is that NewsGator, 6 months ago, was just Greg. Now it’s a financed company with a growing engineering staff. Yes, NewsGator Outlook is and will be worked on, and new versions released (along with NewsGator Online, and new products in the pipeline).

  3. Greg Reinacker

    Rick – Brad answered pretty concisely there. We do have multiple product lines now, but NewsGator Outlook edition is definitely a very important product for us. And absolutely, some of the new developers will be added to the Outlook team.


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