NewsGator, Halo 2, and RSS

There have been a whole lot of posts about Halo 2 being released…but Scott Hanselman’s post about getting game stats via RSS certainly caught my eye.

Tom Walker took it one step further…if you look on the left side of his blog, you’ll see his latest stats right there in his sidebar.  He’s taking the Bungie RSS feeds, and re-publishing the latest two games on his blog, using NewsGator Online’s “Headlines” feature. Very cool, Tom!

Here’s what you would need to do, in a nutshell, to publish Halo 2 stats (or any other feed’s content, for that matter) on your blog:

1. Subscribe to the feed in NewsGator Online

2. Go to the “Edit Locations” section under NewsGator Manager.

3. Create a new location, perhaps called “Halo feed only”. Set the “don’t automatically add feeds” option, and click “Feeds” and remove all of the feeds from this location except the one(s) you want to republish.

4. Click “Headlines”, and enable and configure the template to republish the headlines.

5. Copy the javascript on the headlines page to your blog.

That’s it!  I’m using it on my own site for “recent comments” (which shows latest content from my own comments feed) and also “where have I been”, which is from a photoblog I’m playing with (more about this later).

Give it a try yourself!

7 thoughts on “NewsGator, Halo 2, and RSS

  1. Michael Fagan

    I’m confused. I haven’t tried doing this myself (not using NG atm), but it seems that the easiest way to go from newsreader to javascript include is to have a “create headlines” tool which has checkboxes in a tree for all folders and feeds, plus a field for name (e.g. “Biology News”) and ID (example “bionews”). the result would be [script type=”text/javascript” src=”[newsgator]/headlines?id=bionews][/script]

  2. William Beekhuis

    i’m currently subscribed to my Halo 2 stats feed and it’s showing up perfectly, but i’m also getting other people’s stats…? is this a known bug?

  3. Gerry Humphrey

    Are there restrictions on who can use the javascript?

    For example, I run a site called MovieLineOfTheWeek (MLOTW) and we would like to have other sites be able to use our feed(s).

    If I give other sites my javascript, are they welcome to use it on their site?

    BTW, we met at the end of the aggregator dinner @ bloggercon.

  4. H Singh

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