Another step in building a company

Monday was a big day for me.

A few weeks ago, J.B. (our CEO) mentioned the idea of doing an “Enterprise RSS” weblog. I told him it sounded like a great idea to me, and promptly moved on to other things and forgot about it. (Those of you who know me know about my amazing memory skills – heh!)

On Monday, I was sitting in on a conference call, reading feeds on my phone with NewsGator Mobile edition. In my keyword search feed for “NewsGator”, I saw the following come up:

We here at NewsGator have decided to create a weblog focused on Enterprise use of RSS. We’re going to…

Imagine my surprise.  We did?!?  Who wrote that?  How did I not know about it?  WTF?!?

Monday was a big day. It was the first day since starting this company in 2002 (in a spare bedroom) that I realized I didn’t actually know every detail about everything that was going on.

Big picture? Yes. Execution details? Not always.

And that’s a good thing!  We have a lot going on in parallel, and we have a great team who knows how to execute on our plans.  What more could I ask? :-)

3 thoughts on “Another step in building a company

  1. Bill Flitter

    Always a scary reality as a entrepreneur. You hire people for a reason. Let them do the things they are good at. If they have a financial stake, especially in the early stages, it will turn out ok.


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