How should aggregators work?

(warning: blatant
NewsGator plug ahead!) Ok, so I’m a little
bit behind. :-) In a
post back in April, Dave
Winer says:

RSS readers that work like Usenet
are a waste of time, imho. Aggregators should not
organize news by where items came from, just
the news in reverse chronologic order.

He got some agreement, and some disagreement.
My vote?
Why not use an aggregator that will do

2 thoughts on “How should aggregators work?

  1. Greg Reinacker

    Dave, keep in mind that if you turn on auto-preview in Outlook, you will see at least the first few lines of each message, and you could do a big reverse-chronological list. More valuable, IMHO, than a big list of the entire items, which could get huge very quickly if many of the posts are very long.

    As for the problem you’re seeing, please send a note to and we’ll try to figure out what’s going on.


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