NewsGator and Outlook 2003

It’s not often I’m blown away by how well something works, but this time I am.

With Outlook 2003 and NewsGator installed, create a Search Folder to display unread messages in your news folder. By default, they will be grouped by folder – perfect! This really takes the place of what the NewsPage does for OL2003 users.

(click for larger image)

7 thoughts on “NewsGator and Outlook 2003

  1. James Edelen

    Yep, It works great I have been using NewsGator v1 since beta 1 on Outlook. There is one major issue I have found though (don’t know if it is a newsgator problem or a OL problem). I have Newsgator installed on my notebook and OL is configured to use an exchange server. It connects via a wireless network. Sometimes, when I take the notebook from one network to another and wake the computer up from sleep, then load outlook, it will freeze right after the newsgator plugin loads. The first 3 entries will be listed as “Recieving” and then outlook just completely freezes.

    Barring that Issue, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE newsgator 1.1 with Outlook 2003!!!!!

  2. Paul

    outlook and/or exchange never really liked adding a followup flag to a posting (as oposed to an email) Outlook 2k3 supports this – but sometimes, you’ll loose the body of the posting. Give it a looksie aye?


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