NewsGator 0.8.4

Well, there wasn’t going to be another release before 0.9, but there were enough changes piling up that I wanted to get them out for people to use. So, you can now download v0.8.4 from the NewsGator site.

Users who are using the public 0.7 or 0.8 builds can just install 0.8.4 over them. If you are using a private build that you obtained directly from me, you need to uninstall it before installing this new version.


  • NewsPage recent posts now link to the specific message instead of the entire folder
  • NewsPage will now show posts in the base news folder
  • Added refresh button to NewsPage
  • Feeds now alphabetized when retrieving
  • Subscription URL’s now displayed in edit dialog
  • Added a “default location for new subscriptions”, which is also used by context menu
  • Visual indication when articles are read from the NewsPage
  • NewsPage performance improvement for those with lots of read messages in news folders. Performance when all messages are unread is comparable to previous version.
  • Allow multi-select on feeds when editing folder names
  • Separated online/offline settings with check news interval
  • Fixed some NewsPage problems experienced by a few users
  • Fixed problem where if NG was launched other than at startup time (such as selecting the Add-in from tools/options), it would not properly initialize, and could sometimes crash
  • Fixed problem when there were no feeds in the list
  • Fixed problem where NG would not retrieve news again after encountering a RSS feed without a title
  • Double click on subscription list now opens subscription for editing
  • Progress dialog now has minimum size
  • Minor adjustments to improve GUI interaction when retrieving many new feeds at once

8 thoughts on “NewsGator 0.8.4

  1. Martin Sutherland

    Does NewsGator check the If-Modified-Since HTTP header on RSS feeds, or does it have some other mechanism for not downloading feeds that haven’t changed? If not, would it make sense to have the “refresh every N minutes” on a per-feed basis, rather than as a global setting?

  2. Martin Sutherland

    Feature suggestion: a “Publish” button in the Options screen. This would take the .opml generated by the “Export” process, use an XSLT to transform it to (X)HTML, and then FTP the resulting file to a server/directory of the user’s choice. (For the XSL, you could provide a few default templates, or advanced users could write their own.)

    I know I could write a script to do all of this, but it would be really cool to be able to do as a one-click thing straight from the aggregator. Anders Jacobsen does this for his list of feeds at

  3. Paul

    So I just did a ‘Get News’ manually from the menu – and noticed that only a few minutes later it did another query. I have the default setting of check every 60 minutes. Shouldn’t that timer get reset if it’s polled manually?


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