Colossal Screw-up

Sorry folks…I made a little mistake, and evidently didn’t test a couple of bug fixes against each other. With certain feeds, the old 0.8.4 (actually would fail to retrieve, and the status window would just sit there and stare at you.

I built a new version, and the download links have been updated. If you have installed 0.8.4 already (there’s quite a few of you), check the version (Newsgator menu, About). If you are running, please go to the download site and install the updated one, which is

Sorry about this…and thanks to Adam for pointing it out so quickly.

2 thoughts on “Colossal Screw-up

  1. Jon

    I installed this version over a previous version and it locked up Outlook 2000 repeatedly forcing me to uninstall newsgator.


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