Titles and NewsGator

We’ve enabled titles, which means that you’ll now have to refer to me as the 4th Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale. :)

Actually, it’s because NewsGator rocks, but only if you are using titles. [Sean ‘Early’ Campbell & Scott ‘Adopter’ Swigart’s Radio Weblog]

Just thought I’d mention…current (private) builds of NewsGator work much better than before with un-titled posts; it will show an excerpt from the post if there is no title.

A new release should be available in the next week or so – there is a lot of great new stuff!

3 thoughts on “Titles and NewsGator

  1. Stefan Smalla

    Greg, very much looking forward to the new release! Actually, I have already fully switched over to NewsGator and have not been using my Newzcrawler for quite some days. Reading has become a much less intrusive experience with NewsGator.

    And I got two more bug reports coming to your inbox right now. :-)

    Keep it up! NewsGator is one of the most useful software I have come across in months.

  2. Daniel Nolan

    I second that, I’ve never used another client regularly because I hated having yet another app open on my desktop effectively “idling” until new posts became available.

    I’ve always had Outlook open however and the addition of Newsgator makes my daily blog browsing a much more hassle free experience.


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