Online Travel

Online Travel

Poor customer service at [ John Lam’s Weblog on Software Development]

Somehow, I see a lot of complaints about Expedia […]  This also makes me wonder that if the airlines get their wish and eventually customers purchase most of their tickets directly from the carrier, will they do any better?  [Gordon Weakliem’s Radio Weblog]

I travel quite a bit, and I make 95% of my reservations on United’s web site.  One advantage is web-only fares (which are only on their site); another is that if you call them, there is no middle man to worry about, like some of the horror stories I’ve read from Gordon’s references.  I’ve always gotten good service from them.  Of course, my plan only works if you primarily fly on one airline…

By the way, I notice I’ve been somewhat off-topic for a few days (still not sure what my topic is, but I know this isn’t it)…not to worry, some cool sample code and an article is ready to post, probably Monday or Tuesday.  A free mention to the first person to guess what the sample might be.  ;-)

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