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Project 365

Well, it’s been 6 days now, so it seems I’m committed enough to tell you all about this. :-)

Many of you have seen my photography work…however, what I’ve found is while I do take a lot of photos, they’re generally part of some sort of fashion-related shoot, and there’s at least as much (often more) time in setting things up and logistics as there is in actual photography. I don’t really seem to just get out and take pictures just for the fun of it – so this year I’ve decided to change that.

Inspired by this Project 365 article at Photojojo, and many other related posts, I’ve started a Project 365 of my own. I’ll be taking a picture every day in 2010, and posting them on my new site (Greg’s Daily Photos). No particular theme, just whatever strikes my fancy that day. Or whatever I see on the drive home. Or whatever’s in the airport while I’m waiting for a plane!

So today is day 6. To get you caught up, here are thumbnails of the pictures so far:

#1 - A splash after work #2 - shakin' it #3 - It will warm up eventually
#4 - Speedy, watch out! #5 - Pink and Gold #6 - North Woods Inn

I have some local friends who are doing this too, and you can see lots of folks on Twitter as well!