#68 – Before the storm

#68 – Before the storm, originally uploaded by gregr.

So I’m driving home this afternoon, and I was taking pictures (from the car – lol) of the storm that’s rolling in. I thought I was done with today’s picture.

I got home, parked in the garage, and heard this strange scraping sound from outside. I walked out there, thinking it was some kids playing, but didn’t see anyone. And in fact, it was quite eerie – there was literally not a single soul on my street, which is odd. Then this bag blew out from behind a bush, and started blowing down the street.

It was quite a weird experience; reminded me of a movie. And of course, I’m running down the street, trying to get a picture of the bag blowing. If someone was around, they’d probably wonder why I was taking a picture of it instead of picking it up and throwing it away!

#63 – Big blades

#63 – Big blades, originally uploaded by gregr.

I spent an hour experimenting with my point & shoot (Nikon P5000) to get a feel for how much control I could have over the depth of field. The answer: not too much. 🙂 Ironic that I would spend all this time, since I have several other cameras and lenses that will do pretty much whatever I want! Lol.