#70 – Monkey see, monkey play

#70 – Monkey see, monkey play, originally uploaded by gregr.

He won. But I’m pretty sure he cheated.

Shot specifically with this sort of processing in mind, to give it that sort of old-fashioned game room look.

Expect to see the monkey in more shots to come! :-)

#69 – All the king’s men

#69 – All the king’s men, originally uploaded by gregr.

#68 – Before the storm

#68 – Before the storm, originally uploaded by gregr.

So I’m driving home this afternoon, and I was taking pictures (from the car – lol) of the storm that’s rolling in. I thought I was done with today’s picture.

I got home, parked in the garage, and heard this strange scraping sound from outside. I walked out there, thinking it was some kids playing, but didn’t see anyone. And in fact, it was quite eerie – there was literally not a single soul on my street, which is odd. Then this bag blew out from behind a bush, and started blowing down the street.

It was quite a weird experience; reminded me of a movie. And of course, I’m running down the street, trying to get a picture of the bag blowing. If someone was around, they’d probably wonder why I was taking a picture of it instead of picking it up and throwing it away!

#67 – It’s all in the perspective

#67 – It’s all in the perspective, originally uploaded by gregr.

These are just some vertical blinds I have, which I’ve stared at every day for years…but today I was fooling around, and noticed this cool perspective. So here we are!

#66 – Suburbs by night

#66 – Suburbs by night, originally uploaded by gregr.

Yes, it’s blurry. And yes, it’s supposed to be!

#65 – Light reading

#65 – Light reading, originally uploaded by gregr.

The first of my 365 photos to be taken with an iPhone. Be warned – there may be more! :-)

#64 – You can leave the light on

#64 – You can leave the light on, originally uploaded by gregr.

#63 – Big blades

#63 – Big blades, originally uploaded by gregr.

I spent an hour experimenting with my point & shoot (Nikon P5000) to get a feel for how much control I could have over the depth of field. The answer: not too much. :-) Ironic that I would spend all this time, since I have several other cameras and lenses that will do pretty much whatever I want! Lol.

#62 – Stirring

#62 – Stirring, originally uploaded by gregr.

Another one from Starbucks!

#61 – Lost

#61 – Lost, originally uploaded by gregr.

In the neighborhood I live in, they seem to have run out of ideas for street names…so they re-use each name many times!