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NGES in 60 seconds – group clippings

Last time, we looked at how clippings work in NewsGator Enterprise Server.  At the end of the video, I mentioned that there are other ways to share clippings with other folks…I was referring to a feature called group clippings.

Group clippings are basically clippings that are shared among all the members of a group.  That group might be an Active Directory (or LDAP) group, or it might be an ad-hoc group defined in NGES.  The clippings for that group are, by default, private to that group – so you can have a confidential conversation among the members.

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And as always, you can try all this out for yourself by downloading the free 20-user version of NewsGator Enterprise Server.

NGES in 60 seconds – clippings

Onward, I say. Time for the next installment in the series, this one covering clippings.

There’s a lot of buzz about clippings in NewsGator Online (and shared items in Google Reader), especially with apps like ReadBurner making them easy to discover. There are similar use cases for clippings in the enterprise.

NewsGator Enterprise Server supports two kinds of clippings – personal clippings, and group clippings (which are shared by a group). This video covers personal clippings; group clippings will be coming next time.

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And don’t forget you can download a free 20-user version of NewsGator Enterprise Server. :-)

NGES in 60 seconds

As you know, we recently made NewsGator Enterprise Server free for up to 20 users. We’ve had quite a bit of response to this – thanks to everyone who has downloaded and is using it!

On a somewhat related note, I’ve decided to make a series of 60-second screencasts demonstrating some of the features of NGES. The first of these is below, on the integrated tagging features.

Why 60 seconds? I mean, as someone mentioned to me last week, the shorter the video the harder it is to edit (so true). My thought here is, everyone has time to watch a quick 1-minute video of something cool…but much more than that is tougher. So, I’m going to give the 60-second thing a shot, and we’ll see how it goes. Feedback would be appreciated!

So on to the first video. This shows the tagging system in NGES:

The YouTube version is a bit hard to see due to the size and quality; click here for higher quality QuickTime version.