NGES in 60 seconds – clippings

Onward, I say. Time for the next installment in the series, this one covering clippings.

There’s a lot of buzz about clippings in NewsGator Online (and shared items in Google Reader), especially with apps like ReadBurner making them easy to discover. There are similar use cases for clippings in the enterprise.

NewsGator Enterprise Server supports two kinds of clippings – personal clippings, and group clippings (which are shared by a group). This video covers personal clippings; group clippings will be coming next time.

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YouTube version:

And don’t forget you can download a free 20-user version of NewsGator Enterprise Server. :-)

6 thoughts on “NGES in 60 seconds – clippings

  1. Dan Becker

    I could probably RTFM or STFW and figure this out, but I’d appreciate your perspective – what’s the difference in intent between flagged items and clippings? I’m a little confused about why I’d use one vs. the other.

    (I primarily use NNW at home and NGO at work – and I’m trying to scratch out some time to set up an NGES instance at work, too.)

  2. gregr Post author

    @Dan – I’d think of flags as the same thing as flags in email; if you have an organization system that benefits from flagging certain messages for a particular reason, you can do this…and of course they’ll be synced between your apps/devices (similar to Exchange).

    With clippings, I think of them more as a folder to save a copy of certain articles in, potentially along with an annotation (like “this reminds me of X” or something). You can do more things after that with clippings – for example, you can expose clippings as a feed and share them with folks.

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  4. dougherb


    Nice video. You mentioned subscribing to the RSS feed of a NGES Clippings folder. It should be noted that if someone tries subscribing using FeedDemon (or, I suppose, NetNewsWire), it will only work if the feed is placed in a folder that isn’t sync’d with Newsgator Online.


  5. gregr Post author

    @Bob – good point; this is actually the case with any internal feeds that aren’t accessible to the internet.

    However – there are versions of all of the clients (including FeedDemon and NetNewsWire) that will actually sync with NGES, instead of syncing with NewsGator Online; when configured that way, clippings feeds will sync just like any other feed.


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