Changes afoot

Over 7 years ago, I wrote a blog post that changed my life. It was just a screenshot of some prototype code, and a short 15 words. But it inspired the creation of NewsGator; about six weeks later, I released NewsGator 1.0 and the journey had begun in earnest.

Now, 7 years later, NewsGator is much more than I ever imagined it would become. It has found its market in enterprise social computing software, and employs over 80 people in multiple countries. The team of folks at NewsGator are the best I have ever worked with; they are truly top-notch in every way. And in 2009, the company exceeded all of its revenue goals for every quarter and for the year as a whole, and counts many of the largest companies and governments in the world as its customers.

It is with this wind at my back that I have decided to move on from NewsGator, and find the next thing for me. What that next thing is I don’t know; I may spend more time with my fashion photography, I may spend more time trading, I might do some consulting work, or I might involve myself with another startup. The future is wide open, as they say.

I’m tremendously proud of what we’ve accomplished, and happy that I had the chance to build this company from one guy in a spare bedroom, to what it is today. I will remain on NewsGator’s board, and I look forward to whatever happens next!

20 thoughts on “Changes afoot

  1. Owen Allen

    Greg, thanks for all that you’ve done with NewsGator and as a partner for SharePoint. It is always a pleasure to work with you personally and with NewsGator. Good luck with all of your future endeavours! I hope that our paths cross again.

  2. Craig Lachman

    Greg, I told you before but I’ll repeat it here: By starting NewsGator, you created something that changed my life (for the better). Thank you and very, very best wishes on the next step.

  3. Mack D. Male

    Hard to believe NewsGator 1.0 was so long ago already! I’ve been reading since near the beginning, and I’ll continue to do so, wherever you end up. Best of luck with whatever comes next!

  4. Tom Walker

    Congratulations on seeing it through from the bare beginnings bud! Let me know what I can do for your next company…burrito fees may apply!

  5. Mike Strock

    Greg – As someone who helped beta test versions of Newsgator before 1.0, I can definitely say that at least to me, Newsgator has been instrumental in the last seven years.

    I wish you the best in your next endeavor and hope to watch it succeed as well.

    Thanks Greg.

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  7. Michael Vaughn


    What you have done in creating Newsgator is simply amazing! Over the years of working with you (mostly while I was at TEK) was a blast! You are an inspiration and really thrilled that we have become friends over the years. I know everyone is going to miss you. I will buy us a round on the course soon to celebrate. Just tell me when and where. And yes, this can be near your hood.

    Wish you all the best.

  8. James Sweet

    I wish you all the best. My time at Newsgator was short but I enjoyed it a great deal. You helped build an innovative, dynamic comany and suite of products. I’ve no doubt you will do well in whatever you choose to do next.



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