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Josh Larson on NewsGator’s Media and Consumer team has a blog post up with some usage stats for NetNewsWire for iPhone in its first 9 weeks or so since release. Go take a look…over 200,000 users, and over 115,000 new-to-NewsGator users have signed up in the last 30 days.

We have some other data as well that’s more difficult to explain, so we didn’t publish it…but generally, what we’re finding is users of the iPhone app are sticking with it and using it regularly. Said another way, the abandonment rate of iPhone users is quite a bit lower than our average rate (which is already fairly low, but the difference is significant). It seems the combination of NetNewsWire and the iPhone is a winner!

4 thoughts on “NetNewsWire for iPhone usage

  1. Chris Hynes

    Is there any way to make the iPhone client faster? I’ve got several hundred feeds, and the startup and feed switch time is so slow as to make it totally unusable. It seems like it could work for a few feeds, but not more then 10 or 20…

  2. Brent Simmons

    Chris — one option is to cut down the number of feeds that appear on the iPhone version. (Tap the Edit button.)

    Another option is, in the Settings application, see NetNewsWire’s settings and have the app delete read and unread items sooner rather than later.

    In the meantime, I’m working on performance for the next release: it will be much improved.

  3. Chris Hynes

    Will editing and removing the feed from the iphone remove it from my newsgator online account, and FeedDemon? Or just from the iPhone.

    I’ll try setting the items delete to sooner. Problem is, it already synced down some 6000 unread items, so at this point the app doesn’t even get loaded to a responsive state. I may have to uninstall and reinstall the app.

    Good to hear that you’re aware of and working on perf for this!

  4. Brent Simmons

    Chris — when you remove it, you have to the choice to remove it from just the iPhone or unsubscribe completely.

    Uninstalling and re-installing might do the trick, yes.

    And I feel your pain with performance — I’ve got my subscriptions so loaded up that I run into the same problems. I’m highly motivated to make it fast (and have made some good progress already).


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