NGES in 60 seconds

As you know, we recently made NewsGator Enterprise Server free for up to 20 users. We’ve had quite a bit of response to this – thanks to everyone who has downloaded and is using it!

On a somewhat related note, I’ve decided to make a series of 60-second screencasts demonstrating some of the features of NGES. The first of these is below, on the integrated tagging features.

Why 60 seconds? I mean, as someone mentioned to me last week, the shorter the video the harder it is to edit (so true). My thought here is, everyone has time to watch a quick 1-minute video of something cool…but much more than that is tougher. So, I’m going to give the 60-second thing a shot, and we’ll see how it goes. Feedback would be appreciated!

So on to the first video. This shows the tagging system in NGES:

The YouTube version is a bit hard to see due to the size and quality; click here for higher quality QuickTime version.

One thought on “NGES in 60 seconds

  1. Nik Bauman

    Love the screen cast. Particularly, I like that you focused exclusively on tagging. I agree with your comment on the 60 sec format (and it was well edited). I look forward to seeing more of NSES, feature by feature :-).


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