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Back when we announced that NewsGator’s RSS clients are now free, I also mentioned that we’d be supporting APML across the entire platform. Some of our client applications implement exporting APML at the moment…but we’ve now implemented a persistent APML endpoint in our online platform. What this means is, if you’re using sync with NewsGator Online, there is a well-known URL that represents your APML attention data.

This APML endpoint can be either public or private – it’s your choice. If it’s private, it will require your NewsGator Online credentials to access. If it’s public, anyone can access it.

Here’s how to enable this:

1. From NewsGator Online, sign in and then click on the “Settings” item at the top right.

2. You’ll now see four tabs; click on “Edit Locations”.

These “locations” are actually groups of feeds; you’ll see at least one location for “NewsGator Web Edition”, and you’ll see one location for each client you’re using. Each location forms a subset of your overall list of feeds. You can control which feeds are mapped to each location by using the “Feeds” link next to each location.

3. Next to each location, you’ll see a link for “APML” – click that link.

4. You will then see your individual APML URL for that particular set of feeds. If you wish to make it public (or private), use the checkbox on that page.

At the moment, we’re exposing feed-level attention data; we have more detailed data available, but it’s not being exposed at the moment.

Let us know if this is useful, and any suggestions you have!

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  2. gregr Post author

    @Marshall – nothing specific…although it’s certainly something we’ve been thinking about. We do accept import of some attention-like data today, through arrangements like what we do with AideRSS…but nothing that’s individual-user-specific at the moment.

  3. Scott Johnson

    Hey Greg,

    That’s awesome news. One thing I’d suggest is that since there’s a real dearth of APML data in the wild, releasing some samples would be really great. Not everyone uses NG Online yet so getting data to play with isn’t all that easy.


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  5. gregr Post author

    @Scott – that’s a good idea. I’ll look through my own APML file and see if there’s anything I’d rather not share :-), and perhaps expose that for people to look at.

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  7. Selva

    This question might not be relevant to the topic posted, but wanted to get clarification.

    Does Newsgator have any support for Java/J2EE Portlet? Also does it have any in-built J2EE Portlets?

    One more question, Can we dynamically create “Category”? like allowing the user to enter a category and then retrieving feeds from various sites based on that?

  8. Ashley Roach


    The short answer is that we don’t have a pre-built Java portal integration. If the portal software that they are using has a portlet that you can embed an IFRAME into, then we have really easy ways to integrate our readers. We also have customers who have used our APIs to integrate into Java portals.

    As for the category question. It’s not clear what you mean by “dynamically,” but I’ll venture a guess. I think you are asking about functionality similar to our tag-based smart feeds, where users can create persistent keyword searches based only on publisher categories and user-entered tags. We also have an API here for you to interact with NGES.

    Ashley Roach
    Product Manager


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