8 months with the iPhone

It’s been about 8 months since I started using an iPhone. Oddly, I wasn’t even interested at the time; I got the phone as a freebie for going to the Office 2.0 conference in 2007, and it sat on my desk for a week before I even activated it. Color me unexcited.

But then, things changed. Turned out I did like it, a lot. It was “fun”. I’m a sucker for fun gadgets. I switched my regular phone number over about a week later, and I’ve been using it ever since.

So the other day, I was out to lunch with someone, and he asked how I liked it. And while I was answering, I had two interesting realizations:

1. It’s still fun. I mean, all the little animations and eye candy. The little things. Could I live without them? Sure. But having them there somehow makes the whole experience continue to work.

2. It’s the first “smart” phone I’ve ever had that didn’t annoy me. I mean, really. Smartphones I’ve had in the past (from Audiovox, Motorola, Palm, and others) all eventually sucked at the little things. You know, like making phone calls. Sometimes I’d find that the phones were too busy doing something (gosh knows what exactly) to even let me make a call. Or too busy to ring when a call was coming in. Sometimes they’d lock up. Sometimes they’d get into a weird mode where anything I did would take 10+ seconds. Sometimes they’d make me want to throw them against a wall.

But oddly, the iPhone has done none of these things. It’s not perfect by any means – it’s got a few little bugs…but at risk of sounding like a fanboy, I have to say it works better as a phone than any phone I’ve had in the last 3 years.

And that is something I never thought I’d say.

4 thoughts on “8 months with the iPhone

  1. Paul

    Absolutely agree. I’ve had my iPhone for about a month now coming from a WM 6 device (AT&T Tilt) and the only thing I can honestly say I miss are the following:

    Exchange push email (coming with 2.0 update in June)
    3G service (available with nextgen iPhone in June)
    GPS (‘approximate’ location is just about worthless when you’re in an unfamiliar area…)



  2. Josh pacada

    That’s a very typical review of any apple product.

    This is why Apple is excellent at what they do. MP3 players were out for at least 5 years before the first iPod came out. Why does it have 70% of the portable media player market?

    Simple. Because Apple recognized the need for a better portable media player and delivered.

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  4. Brian Dusablon

    Thanks for the update. I’ve had a Blackberry at work for 3 years, and just added one for the side business in February.

    I’ve had several times where I have a neverending hourglass and many more times experiencing the 10+ seconds to do anything mode.

    I can’t wait for July 11.


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