3-part RSS interview online

Way back in January, Rok Hrastnik over at The RSS Diary interviewed me for a book he was writing about RSS. I think we ended up chatting far longer than he expected :-), but in any case, he’s published the interview as a podcast in 3 parts.

Part 1 – How are Vista and IE changing the RSS landscape?
Part 2 – RSS for online media and branded readers
Part 3 – RSS in the enterprise

It was a while ago, and I haven’t listened to them all yet, so hopefully I didn’t say anything silly that I’ve since forgotten about!

As an aside, I totally hate hearing my phone voice when it’s played back to me. I mean, do I really sound like that?!? Apparently so – lol. :-)

2 thoughts on “3-part RSS interview online

  1. Rok

    Greg, no worries. The interview was excellent, one of the best I’ve done so far, with great insights and tips.


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