Red Sweater Software Acquires MarsEdit

I’m totally excited to tell you all that NewsGator has sold MarsEdit to Red Sweater Software. Daniel at red Sweater is a great guy, really enthusiastic about the product and its users, and is going to do an awesome job with it!

This all came about a while ago. We’ve got a LOT of products (if I actually made a list, you’d be blown away…maybe I should do that!), and some of them seem to get more care and feeding than others. MarsEdit was one of those great products that is just slightly outside our core focus…and thus got a little less attention than other products like NetNewsWire. We thought the best thing for our users and for us was to find a new home for MarsEdit – and Red Sweater is the perfect home!

So to Daniel, congratulations on your new product. I’m excited to see the upcoming new releases!

Daniel’s blog post
Q&A about the acquisition
Red Sweater’s press release
New MarsEdit product page

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