Cool demos at the Vista/Office launch

If any of you are going to be in Phoenix, AZ Wednesday for the Vista/Office launch event, be sure to go to the “Better Together” event at 11:00am.  I will be there with Lane Mohler (our enterprise product architect), and we’ll be doing some demos in the session. Among the things we’re showing are:

– NewsGator Enterprise Server 2.0 – this is a really early build (it’s not even in beta yet), but there’s so much cool stuff in here we can’t help but show it…including the cool new integration with Sharepoint 2007. This will be the first public demo of this product – prior to this, I can count the people on one hand who have seen it.

– and a brand new product, which we’ve never even TALKED about. This one is also super cool, and you’ll not only see it in the demo, but you’ll be able to play with it yourself afterwards if you’re at the show.

So come on up and say hello if you’re there, and let us know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Cool demos at the Vista/Office launch

  1. Franz

    This is just sort of a flashback. It’s almost been a week since Vista was launched. Months before it was launched, many Tech sites or magazines were given the privilege to test drive the new OS. Many were dismayed by its performance and incompatibility with many software and hardware. At present, there are still complains about it. However, incompatibility fears and the lack of device drivers have already subsided due to the emergence of Web sites that offer access to complete databases of Vista drivers. I already tried one ( and it’s great. I hope that blogs featuring the new OS would gradually tone down their dismay towards Vista. I’m sure time will come (soon, i hope) when every gaping issue would be patched.


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