Beta now open for NewsGator Enterprise On-Demand

As many of you know, enterprise RSS is a big part of NewsGator’s business, and our NewsGator Enterprise Server product has been best-in-class since its release a little over a year ago.

One problem we’ve seen, though, is we didn’t have a product for a) small groups of users who wanted enterprise-class content distribution features but couldn’t justify the cost of an on-premise server product, or b) large groups of users who for some reason are unable to install an on-premise product. Well, today, all that changes, and our hosted enterprise product is going into a much wider beta.

I’m proud to announce the beta 2 release of NewsGator Enterprise On-Demand is now available, and we’re accepting the next 100 customers to sign up for the beta.  This will likely be a short beta cycle, as the product is prepared for release, but it’s a chance for you to sign up for a free trial and kick the tires of our new hosted enterprise RSS application. And it’s not just the hosted web application – all of the clients we have (FeedDemon, NetNewsWire, Go!, Inbox, etc.) all work with On-Demand as well.

As Charlie Wood said,

With the right execution, NewsGator Enterprise On-Demand could provide the perfect complement to such services as and Google Apps for Your Domain.

Sign up here to give it a try!

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