Five things most people don’t know about me

Yikes…I got tagged with the meme – gosh, thanks Nick. ;-) Not one to spoil the party, here are my five things:

1. I live in Colorado, but I haven’t been on snow skis in probably 10 years. This is one of those “oh, you live in Colorado! Do you ski?” questions that’s for some reason inevitable when meeting folks that live near an ocean. :-)

2. When I graduated from college with a degree in electrical engineering, I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do…but the one thing I knew I did NOT want to do was write application software. Funny how things change.

3. My biggest pet peeve is people who throw cigarettes out the window of the car. For a long time I’ve wanted to get out, go pick it up, and throw it back in their car, but I’ve never worked up my nerve to do it.

4. The three artists most likely to be playing on my computer at home are Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, and Lindsay Lohan. Somehow, a while back, I convinced myself I liked their music, and now I actually do.

5. I used to race cars – specifically, a Spec Racer Ford in SCCA club racing.

Ok…now I get to spread the fun. There are a bunch of NewsGator folks with blogs now, I just _know_ they will love doing this, and I’ll get to see their faces when they realize they have to. :-) So my gift of meme goes to John Carmichael, Karyn German, Brian Reischl, Glenn Berry, and Anita Taylor.

3 thoughts on “Five things most people don’t know about me

  1. Hank Wallace

    A former SCCA racer? Great! Do you do any Solo II events? Too bad you guys aren’t in the Boston area. My interests in content navigation and racing would fit right in. :)


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