NewsGator Enterprise Server wins InfoWorld comparison review

InfoWorld has published a review of Enterprise RSS systems, and NewsGator Enterprise Server (NGES) has not only come out on top, but was also the only product in the review with an “Excellent” rating.

The combination of our best-of-breed management capabilities, along with our wide variety of end-user choices for reading content, impressed:

NewsGator’s broad interfaces, collaboration, and integration with other systems such as Microsoft SharePoint stood out.

And there’s even more than the reviewer mentioned – in addition to direct Exchange server integration, any of our existing clients will work with NGES…including FeedDemon (as mentioned in the review), NetNewsWire, NewsGator Desktop Sync (to leverage IE7’s RSS GUI within the enterprise), and NewsGator Go! for Windows Mobile (and soon for J2ME) devices.  Not to mention the direct integration with other applications like Sharepoint.

On top of all that is deep API support – so really, you’re not limited to the applications we ship, but rather you can build your own if you like.  And if you’ve found an application that uses NewsGator Online’s API, you’re in luck – the NGES API is a superset of the online API.

But I think one of the most important things here is NewsGator’s security system.  The reviewer notes that

Of note, NGES’s developers understand this security part well.


…NewsGator offering the broadest interface choices and deeper security functions.

If there’s one thing to be good at in enterprise software, it’s security.  At the end of the day, this is the stuff that really matters for enterprise IT departments, and we’ve got a very deep story here.

So anyway, I’m excited about this review.  But at the end of the day, it’s sales that matter – and we’ve got those sales, anywhere from 25 user to 100,000 user installations of NewsGator Enterprise Server.

Whew!  A fun month.  Last week we announced NGES was selected by Intel for the SuiteTwo product suite.  This week InfoWorld chooses NGES as the best of breed.  What will be next? :-)

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