NewsGator is hiring!

We have quite a few open positions…take a look, and if you’re interested, or you know someone else who might be interested, let me know or contact our HR folks directly from the linked pages below!  This is all going to sound a bit like a sales pitch – but we have lots of positions, and I’m excited about them all. :-)

All positions are in Denver, Colorado.  Local candidates are preferred, but we’d be willing to relocate under the right circumstances.  The web site is a few days out of date…but here are the positions we’re looking for at the moment:

Software engineer – NewsGator Online.  As I mentioned a while ago, we have a TON of cool stuff coming in our online system…and we’d like YOU to come help us build it.

Web UI designer – Private Label.  The activity in this business is exploding, and we need an awesome UI guy to help drive the state of the art here.

Systems Engineer – production operations.  Due to the incredible growth of our online platform (both our online application and API usage), we’re expanding our data center operations team significantly.

Network Engineer – production operations.  This one isn’t on the web site yet – but we need a kick-ass network engineer who is experienced not only in high-traffic highly available networks, but who also has experience with network architecture and design for multiple data centers.

Database Administrator – production operations.  If you’ve forgotten more about SQL Server 2005 than most SQL people have learned yet, and you’re interested in working on a highly available distributed database, we’re your shop.

Delphi software developer (contract).  FeedDemon and TopStyle are both written in Delphi, and we need an engineer to help out on both fronts with these applications.  FeedDemon is the most popular RSS desktop application for Windows – come help shape its future!

Software presales engineer – if you like to work with customers, and you can help drive sales for NewsGator Enterprise Server, this is your spot.  I can’t over-emphasize the potential here – this group is growing quickly.

The other positions on the web site (as of right now) have been filled.  BUT – if you’re an awesome software engineer, interested in working with cutting-edge technologies in a fast-moving industry, send us your resume!

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