New products, performance, and the crazy month of March

Wow, what a crazy month it has been.  As I mentioned last week, we launched new versions of FeedDemon and Inbox last week, and the NetNewsWire beta is getting more and more widespread…and the new look for NewsGator Online has been extremely well received.

On a less visible front, our private label business is really ramping up.  Some clients have gone live, and others are running private betas.

All of this has combined to create a 30% growth in certain key load-related metrics of our online platform in the last 30 days.  You read that right – 30% growth.  Wow.  Here’s another tidbit – our daily new-subscriber numbers are more than triple what they were 30 days ago.

We of course plan for growth, many months out.  We know what our average growth rates are, and we add capacity accordingly.  The challenge here has been that we didn’t expect this dramatic growth in March – and we were basically caught a little behind on our capacity planning.  The good news, however, is that everything has stayed up and running well.  And if you’re using a client like FeedDemon or NewsGator Inbox, and synchronizing with NewsGator Online, you’re probably not noticing anything at all.

No worries, though. At certain times during the day, the system is a little bit slower than normal for certain users…but we’re adding significant capacity as quickly as we can get it shipped and installed.  Within the next week or so, everything should be back to normal!

3 thoughts on “New products, performance, and the crazy month of March

  1. Manuzhai

    Looks like some server keeled over anyway, the service has been unavailable for last couple of hours. :| Any comments on when it will be back up? Sadly, the homepage seems to rely on the same (MSSQL?) server.


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