NewsGator Inbox – new name, new release!

Quite a day today…the product that started NewsGator, NewsGator Outlook edition, has a new name!  It’s now called NewsGator Inbox, and v2.6 release candidate 1 is available now.  This product has sure come a long way since the first prototype, and the 1.0 release, over 3 years ago.  Congrats to Nick Harris, the lead developer on NewsGator Inbox, who doesn’t have a blog I can link to (but maybe this will shame him into it! :-)

There’s a LOT of new features, including clippings sync (the first NewsGator product to do this), greatly enhanced podcasting support, improved synchronization with the NewsGator platform, and too much more to mention.  And of course, the synchronization in NewsGator Inbox works similarly to our other products – not only feed sync, but sync of individual items and read-states, and dramatic performance gains over “traditional” aggregators.

So take a look – details are in the forum post here!

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