San Francisco Chronicle launches My Feeds, powered by NewsGator

The San Francisco Chronicle is the first customer to go live with NewsGator’s private label hosted solution…you can see it live at It’s a complete RSS experience, integrated into their existing web site, with content chosen by their editors that they feel will appeal to their users.

Users can of course subscribe to any content they wish…but a big part of this is the fact that their editors can add value for their users in a couple of ways. First, they can select feeds for their feed “catalog” – helping users get to the content they might be interested in quickly. And second, they create “editor’s choice” feeds with snippets of content from around the net. They of course use NewsGator’s tools to find and select this content, and we distribute it to users who have selected that content. Their users are no longer limited to only content – they can view content from anywhere, right within the user experience.

Take a look! We’re very excited to be providing this technology to the San Francisco Chronicle and other publishers, and we’ll be demonstrating some of the capabilities of the system at DEMO this morning. If you’re here at the conference, be sure to come visit us afterwards!

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