NewsGator Enterprise Server formally announced!

You might not have noticed, if you read my blog often, but we’ve never actually announced NewsGator Enterprise Server.  Well, all that changed today!

It’s officially announced, and will ship in Q3.  Which, if you look at a calendar, is pretty soon. :-)  Here’s the info:

Press Release

Product Info – there are links on this page to the product brochure, white papers, and lots of other cool stuff.

Here’s a comment from one of our beta testers:

I just got beta 2 of Newsgator Enterprise Server setup.  WOW.  Nice stuff.  Honestly I haven’t seen a 1.0 product look this good, well, ever.

We’re pretty excited about it…and now that there is actual information available about the product, I’d love to hear what you think!

3 thoughts on “NewsGator Enterprise Server formally announced!

  1. It Will Ship In Q3

    On August 4th, Greg Reinacker – NewsGator founder and CTO – announced NewsGator Enterprise Server and stated that it would ship in Q3.  On Friday night, September 30, at 7:28pm (Mountain Time) Greg sent out an email stating “FYI – build 3202 was declared “gold” at 7:13pm tonight.”  In my first company, we had an enormous amount of scrutiny on releases as we shipped them all the time.  Since we wrote custom software, we often updated our customers’ systems and – as a result – were releasing software for clients as frequently as daily (although typically we tried to stay on an approximately…[more]


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