NewsGator Enterprise Server in beta!

I talked a while back about “Dino” (aka NewsGator Enterprise Server, although that name isn’t yet finalized). If you don’t remember it, here’s a quick blurb from that post:

Dino could be characterized as “NewsGator Enterprise Server”, for lack of a better name. Imagine NewsGator Online, picked up and installed on a server behind a corporate firewall. Imagine it also (optionally) connecting with Active Directory and Exchange server. No longer would a system administrator need to go install NewsGator Outlook edition on 3000 desktops; rather, with Dino, they could install a single server, make some configuration choices, and employees will just get “more stuff” somewhere in their Exchange mailbox without having to install anything on their own machines. Outlook; Outlook Web Access; Blackberry; Exchange ActiveSync; all of this is enabled by the Dino/Exchange integration.
Not using Exchange? Not a problem. Dino will have a version of NewsGator Online’s web-based aggregator (also also mobile edition, email edition, and media center edition). Many potential customers have asked us about an intranet-based aggregation solution, and Dino fills the bill for this as well.
And with sophisticated indexing capabilities, and integration points with other enterprise systems, Dino can become a central information distribution point for all kinds of content.  All managed in one place, leveraging organizational structure in Active Directory (if available).

Last week, Dino went into beta! This is a huge milestone…my personal congratulations to the team that’s been working on this product.

I gotta tell you, it’s pretty cool. I got the URL of our internal Dino server in an email, clicked on it, and it automatically authenticated me via our AD domain and signed me in.  I found some feeds I wanted (ok, actually I imported my monster-sized OPML file from NewsGator Online), and added a couple of internal feeds I don’t have in our online system.  I could then read my feeds with the Intranet site, just as one would expect.  And then, a couple of clicks later, my feeds started showing up in my Exchange mailbox.  Cool!

RSS in the enterprise has been getting more and more attention in the recent months. Security of internal information is foremost in peoples’ minds…but so is finding ways to efficiently access external information that’s important to the business. And being able to effectively manage this flood of information – centralized feed/subscription management, controlling bandwidth usage, indexing and searching the data you want – is an important piece of the puzzle for small and large companies alike.

We’ve got quite a list of beta customers who have either installed Dino already, or will be soon…including Metropolitan Library System, InfoWorld, CGI Group, and many others that I can’t list at the moment.  Our anticipated v1 ship date is in early Q3.  Things are getting exciting over here!

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    Greg Reinacker’s Weblog – NewsGator Enterprise Server in beta! NewsGator says it’s beta-testing a server-based RSS aggregator designed to run on a network behind the firewall. The idea is that a company sets up this server, code-named Dino, and then the server goes out and collects RSS feeds, and users can point their news aggregators at the server and subscribe to what they want. The approach has potential advantages for controlling content that users can access, and also saving bandwidth, both on the network and on the server that publishes feeds….[more]


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