One new years resolution done!

I didn’t post about it…but one of my new years resolutions for this year was to clean out my email inbox.  I believe at the beginning of the year, I had about 500 unread messages, and about 1500 total in that folder…I was using it as an every-growing to-do list.  It hit critical mass a couple of weeks ago, with over 1000 unread.

Some friends told me to just archive the whole thing and start from scratch…but I just knew there were things in there I should respond to. So over the last week or so, I’ve been cutting it down to size.  And today, on a holiday, I spent about half the day and got it all the way down to empty.  Could I be more excited?

So if you’ve gotten a flurry of email today, regarding things you’ve long since forgotten about, now you know why!  And here’s to hoping I can keep this better under control now. :-)

8 thoughts on “One new years resolution done!

  1. Derek Scruggs

    I highly recommend David Allen’s Getting Things Done as a solution to inbox overload. I implemented his system about 2 years ago and I rarely have more than 5-6 messages in my inbox. Usually it’s empty. The book is very popular and Allen has acheived an almost cultlike following.

    Google “getting things done” to see what I mean.

  2. Richard Tallent

    And now, thanks to the miracles of blog email notification technology, I’ve just ruined your perfectly clean inbox. Muahahaha…

    Congradulations, just did something similar at work: I enforced use of the task/bug tracker. I was drowning in emailed requests, now I can leave my inbox for internal corporate spam and actual conversations.

  3. Edd McArdle

    Hi Greg

    I hope all’s well and you’re having fun with Daryl, Lane, Ed and Gordon.

    Do you have a new years resolution to update your blog a bit more frequently? I enjoy reading your blog entries but you’ve really tailed off the frequency over the last 4 or 5 months.

    Edd in London (the only place you’ve been outside the USA, right?)


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