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So the response to my What’s in a name post was great…all of the comments, both public and private, were very helpful. Thanks! The general consensus was that we should probably change the name, and we should probably do it sooner rather than later.

We haven’t decided absolutely to change the name, but we’re enthusiastic about it and are exploring options. If the perfect name comes along, we’ll do it.

So…I’d like to solicit some ideas from you. And what’s in it for you? If we choose a name that you submitted to us first, we’ll send you a brand-new Windows Media Center computer, and a free 12-month “Plus” subscription to NewsGator Online Services including NewsGator Media Center edition. All told, somewhere around a $1500 prize. I’d post a specific link to a machine, but if we can, we’ll wait for the Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 launch, so you get the latest and greatest.

Discussion in comments to this post is encouraged, but please submit your ideas via email from this link, rather than comments. We don’t want cool ideas to be posted, and someone be trolling through them buying domain names and shaking us down. Minimum criteria for a name:

  • domain name must be either clear (no one owns it) or up for sale
  • name must be free of obvious trademark problems (search)
NewsGator employees, contractors, investors, and their families are not eligible (sorry guys!).

4 thoughts on “Name that Company

  1. Peter Hoskins

    NewGator provides a consistent stream of the info I want. It’s a dream. The name = DreamStream.

    I used to run a company in London we named DreamStream – I am no longet there and tehy have since changed their name to IM Computing. The domain is probably for sale.

  2. martin


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