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It’s not all that often that I post about some new technology that I see, but today’s going to be an exception.

As some of you know, I used to do development consulting in the travel business. Well today, I was fortunate enough to get a glimse of a new application from TravelMessenger, the likes of which I haven’t seen before. It’s basically an automated travel agent, which you interact with via MSN Messenger:

Very interesting. It’s got some quirks at the moment, but it’s a great demo. I’m not completely convinced I would book a trip this way, but maybe – it’s definitely got potential. With some good AI work, I think this could become something very different than most of us are used to – in a good way. I’m told this will go into a limited beta next week…

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  1. Riaan

    Thanks for that Greg..just a comment, it will work on all IM networks (AIM/YAHOO etc) as well as WAP and even more importantly the good old Web. (i.e. http)

    Yes, we’re going into a limited closed user group beta next week for two weeks and hope to have a production version ready by July.

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