Apple’s laptop design

Omar writes about Apple’s laptops:

Apple has always made superior laptops. They just work, aren’t ugly with dozens of panels, protruding pieces of plastic and boneheaded design placement like my microphone that is located right near my loud fan.

I had a new iBook for a week or so for the recent demo we did at the Consumer Electronics show. I have to agree – it looked good, and it felt good. Apple knows how to design hardware.

However, it did take me at least 5 minutes (no, I’m not kidding) to figure out how to plug the power cord extension into the power adapter. Apparently their target demographic knows to poke and pick at every seam in the plastic, waiting for some kind of cover to pop off?

That was my only complaint though, and only because it made me feel stupid!

4 thoughts on “Apple’s laptop design

  1. Jefferson Berlin

    While I think Apple’s come a long way in laptop design, clearly the author doesn’t remember the generations of Apple notebooks before the recent ibooks and powerbooks — like that stalwart member of the “Worst Hardware Ever Designed” pantheon: The PowerBook 500 series. Apple made some of the crappiest, ugliest, most useless notebooks any company ever tried to run away from in the mid-90s. I finally took my PowerBook and threw it out the window of my apartment in disgust. Literally. Nobody bothered to pick it up.

  2. laura

    hi anyone/everyone, if anyone knows the name of that apple laptop which is transparent and colourful….the really nice on, can they email me and tell me because i need to know!!!

  3. Monique Maillet

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