Spreading Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

Mark Fletcher of Bloglines has been writing some interesting things lately. First, in a response to Jim Louderback’s recent article (discussed here), Mark writes:

“I agree with your article on eWeek about Newsgator creating a walled garden.”

I already pointed out how we’re not creating any kind of walled garden, and Jim Louderback agreed with that after some discussion. It’s difficult to say if Mark knew what we’re doing with NewsGator Online Services…I would assume he did, but it’s possible he didn’t.

Today, Martin Tobias writes on his weblog:

“I have used Radio UserLand before, but I will try NewsGator this time. Hope it doesn’t come with too much spyware.”

To which Mark responds:

“I humbly ask that you give Bloglines, our web-based news aggregator, a try. No downloads, no worries about nasty spyware, and it’s accessible…”

Come on, Mark. You know there’s no spyware in NewsGator. But by saying there’s no spyware worries with Bloglines, you’re implying there are worries with NewsGator.

I talk to a lot of press folks – every week. I’ve mentioned Bloglines to many of them. And I have never once said anything negative about it, or even implied anything negative.

So I make a public request of Mark. Please don’t spread FUD about NewsGator. I’m sure you’re well aware that we have NOTHING to do with the “evil” Gator spyware/adware.

10 thoughts on “Spreading Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

  1. Mark Fletcher

    Thinking back to my spyware comment, when I wrote it I wasn’t thinking about NewsGator, I was reacting to what I thought was his implication about the risks of downloading anything off the ‘net these days. In general, it’s a valid concern.

    It is unfortunate that this comment could been seen as me implying that NewsGator contains spyware, because I don’t believe that, have never heard that, and I wasn’t thinking that when I wrote the comment. I sincerely apologize if the words implied any association.

  2. steven

    Greg (and others), check out today’s USA Today, page 6B.

    “… Several tools shown at Demo provide help to folks who want to produce blogs or find others to read.

    “In the latter camp are Feedster, a blog search engine, and news “aggregators” such as newsDash from OddPost, and NewsGator. …”

  3. Rob Cannon

    I know you have invested alot into the NewGator name, but everytime I mention it to someone, they immediately associate it with the Spyware company. I have to convince them that you are not related to that company.

  4. Ian Spencer

    I did not get newsgator until I read about it on http://www.slipstick.com which is a site that I trust.

    The name with gator in it sends a chill down my spine. I tell all my friends and family if it has the word gator in it don’t touch it. Now I have to tell everyone that their is an exception to the rule.

    My personal opinion is you may have to bite the bullit and change names. Do you have any idea the impact the name has on your product?

  5. Greg Reinacker

    Ian, it’s tough to say. We get comments on both sides of the fence. We also have to weigh it against the cost of changing the name, given our name recognition. We have quite a few discussions about this internally!

  6. Matthew

    I’m afraid I have to concur. I was just about to download a copy as it looked a nice product but then I saw the ‘G’ word and stopped dead in my tracks.

    Having since found this site I’m going to go back and give it a try but not everyone will search around like me.

  7. Mark Pietrusinski

    I also confirm that the name completely turned me off to the product. Searching for “outlook+rss” on Google; Newsgator.com came up second, but I instinctively skipped to the next one down the list after seeing the word “gator” in there. I may try out the product now after reading the above posts, but am still a bit hesitant.


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