NewsGator extensions

A couple of very cool new NewsGator extensions worth mentioning:

NNTP Posting plug-in: Matt Hawley has built a plug-in/extension combination to allow posting to NNTP newsgroups directly from NewsGator and Outlook. Very nice!

FetchLinks: Graeme Foster has built a plug-in which will retrieve the linked content from a web site, for feeds that only provide links or excerpts, and store the content in Outlook.

Nice job, guys! Both of these address very common requests we hear from customers.

We’re looking at ways to build a community site so great efforts like these can be more easily found by our customers. More info will follow when we get something together.

6 thoughts on “NewsGator extensions

  1. Fetch Links

    Fetchlinks – “fills in the blanks in the RSS feeds you view with NewsGator. Some feeds don’t provide very good descriptions – some contain only a few words and others are completely blank. FetchLinks can go and retrieve the web pages for the feeds you choose to save you clicking on their links in Outlook.” (link via Greg Reinacker’s Weblog)…[more]

  2. Newsgator Extensions

    The extension feature of newsgator2.0 is very cool — i just installed Fetchlinks which Greg Reinacker pointed out, I’ve wanted this for a while. I’m going to pass on the calendar extension tho — i protect my time carefully and…[more]


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