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Uh oh, I’m letting down on the job…it’s already Wednesday, and I have a lot more to tell you about. :-)

NewsGator Web Edition, part of the NewsGator Online Services suite, is a web-based content aggregator which runs in a web browser.

Now there are plenty of other web-based aggregators out there…why do we need another one? A couple of reasons.

First, it works with the NGOS synchronization system (more info). So you can read posts at home with Web Edition, and when you get to the office and download posts with NewsGator for Outlook, you won’t have to read the same content. Unless you want to. And remember the sync system works with POP Edition and Mobile Edition too – more to come on that. Combine that with an online subscription management system, which even allows you to expose a subset of your subscriptions publicly as OPML, and we’re onto something here.

Second, it’s tightly integrated into the rest of the NGOS features – including custom search feeds and premium content…

Available January 19 at

2 thoughts on “NewsGator Web Edition

  1. milbertus

    One thing that keeps coming to mind whenever I hear talk about NGOS is that it’d be great for NewsGator Outlook to still download the news item, but to not have Outlook mark it as unread if I’ve read it, say, via NewsGator Web Edition.

    I like the fact that I can use NewsGator to build up a repository of all the posts I’ve ever read (which is handy for searching through later). If I were to use Web Edition, I’d definitely want NewsGator Outlook to still download the item, but to get the full affect of the Web Edition, I’d want the item in Outlook to be initially marked as unread.

    However, I can understand if this isn’t possible due to limitations with Outlook. If it downloads an item (whether mail, NewsGator, or something else), of course it’s going to mark it as unread, because it’s a new item.

  2. Greg Reinacker

    Actually what you describe (the marking posts as read) should definitely be possible, and has actually been requested already on the NewsGator forums. It’s on the list for a post-v2.0 release.


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