RSS and Calendars

Lots of talk recently about RSS, calendars, PIM’s, and the like. Ray Ozzie wonders:

Has anyone built an RSS aggregator that can aggregate multiple calendar RSS feeds into your Outlook or Notes personal calendar?

I can’t go into details yet (sorry)…but I can say this is just the tip of the iceberg of what will be possible with the next version of NewsGator.

6 thoughts on “RSS and Calendars

  1. Robert Scoble


    Feature request: can you make it so that NewsGator will clean out my folders and delete any post older than, say, seven days? I don’t want cruft in my Outlook folders. Make it user setable.

    Even better, let me archive to a separate folder on a separate PST.

  2. Lisa Williams


    The folks at the Berkman Bloggers’ Group have been cooking up an idea for a webcast/meeting to talk about RSS and calendaring. Would you be interested in participating?


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