NewsGator and your Pocket PC

I’ve often thought my customers are smarter than me…and today, one of them proved it yet again!

I had always thought ActiveSync could only sync up your Inbox and subfolders…but it turns out, if you know what you’re doing, you can sync any folders…including your NewsGator news folders. To do this, do the following:

First, from ActiveSync, right-click on Inbox and click Settings… (this is the part I didn’t know about!):

You’ll then get a window where you can select the folders you want to sync. Select your NewsGator news folders:

And there you go! All of your RSS feeds, automatically synchronized with your Pocket PC. It doesn’t get any cooler than that! :-)

Many thanks to the person who pointed this out to me, and who painstakingly sent me screenshots when I repeatedly didn’t get it. Unfortunately, this person asked to remain anonymous…but I’m sure if you leave your lavish praise in the comments here, he’ll read them. ;-)

14 thoughts on “NewsGator and your Pocket PC

  1. Chris

    I keep my RSS feeds in a dedicated PST file–too much data to keep in my Exchange mailbox. I don’t believe ActiveSync provides the ability to sync a PST file in this way.

    If I *wasn’t* in an Exchange environment and configured my Inbox to be in a PST file, I’d have to keep the RSS feeds in the same PST file–since, similar to the above, I don’t believe ActiveSync provides the ability to sync a PST other than the one that contains the Inbox.

  2. Tony

    That makes sense and I’ve got it working now!

    Do you know any way of getting the

    Today Screen to indicate that newsgator has got new news for you tho?

    Darned if I can figure it out…


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