Windows 2003 Server default settings

Dave Burke isn’t happy with Windows 2003 Server’s default security settings:

[…] But at the end of the flying day or computing day, what has changed?  Really?  As a developer (or flyer), there is just more crap to do to get to where you want to go.  But at the end of the day you still end up at the same place.

I’m sure lots of folks want to ream me for dissing the new W2K3 security features.  I’m in no position to question the array of security restrictions in W2K3.  Smarter guys than me thought they were a good idea.  Hey, I’m just saying that to me, using W2K3 is like post 9/11 Airport Security.

Windows 2000 was like buying a big new house, moving in, and seeing that all the doors and windows are unlocked and open. You have to remember to go around the house and close/lock them, assuming that you care if anyone breaks in.

Windows 2003 is a similar house, albeit with stronger doors and more tamper-resistant locks…but when you move in, all the doors and windows are locked – and you can open what you wish.

Seems like an easy choice to me.

4 thoughts on “Windows 2003 Server default settings

  1. Dave Burke

    Greg, that’s an excellent analogy and is a helpful approach to W2K3 security.

    I guess to extend your analogy, I lock my doors at night, not my landlord. The core of my analogy was the over-restrictions to the developer being similar to the excessive security at airports which in most respects is inefficient, costly, and a pain.

    What triggered my thinking on this was when I was watching Howard Dean’s Endless Summer coverage on CSpan and a INS agent was scanning him from head to foot. I thought how then how much this airport security zeal is costing us individually and economically.

    Anyway, thanks for your post.

  2. berrty basset

    i found your analogy astonoshing..

    but think of it like this..

    if win2k was an airport the planes would be taking off and landing around the clock with only a few delays..

    win 2003, the planes have not yet taken off..

    which jumbo jet would you rather be in?

    onos? gorge? skulk? or maybe a fade?

    we have to rely on these principals for our safety so why not those strategies?


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