NewsGator 1.3 released!

At long last, NewsGator 1.3 is now available!

A few highlights:

  • NNTP newsgroup support:

  • Full posts optionally shown on NewsPage:

  • Feed wizard, with search and directory support
  • Tighter folder integration, supporting renaming and deleting folders
  • Offline and draft posting mode
  • Multiple profile support
  • Plain-text publishing
  • Initial Atom support
  • Relative link resolution
  • Fixed some major stability problems
  • Lots of other changes!
The complete change list is on the download page.
And a big thanks to our beta program volunteers – we couldn’t do it without you!

6 thoughts on “NewsGator 1.3 released!

  1. Paul Adare

    I love the NNTP feature (I think ). After an admittedly quick look though, I have a question. I see that I can reply to a post from an NNTP feed, however, is there any way to create a new post?

    Love this app! Great job!

  2. Greg Reinacker

    The NNTP support in this version is read-only; so you can’t post replies directly to newsgroups, or create new newsgroup posts.

    Although one could write a plug-in to do this…

  3. Paul Adare

    Thanks Greg! And sorry about the double comment… I figured out why it happened and will stay away from the refersh button. :-)

  4. Newsgator 1.3

    I of course installed — Greg Reinacker’s Weblog – NewsGator 1.3 released! — this is my favorite way to read RSS. One thing I haven’t tried is running newsgator simultaneously on multiple machines. I use outlook at home and work…[more]


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