Full text searching in aggregators

Addy Santo suggests that aggregators support full text searching:

Is anyone out there willing to take on a real challenge?  Then how about adding full text indexing into your aggregators!

Yet another advantage for NewsGator…full-text searching through all of your saved news posts. Or even do complex searches involving certain fields, categories, date ranges, etc. And if you don’t want to limit your search to news posts, you can search your email at the same time, too. :-)

4 thoughts on “Full text searching in aggregators

  1. Greg Reinacker

    Michael – interesting ideas you have. We’ve been thinking about ways to accomplish some of the things you’re talking about, but none of it has made it into code yet. I like your clustering thoughts – cool ideas.

    I think the read/unread/other is handled easily in Outlook (more so in Outlook 2003) with follow-up flags, except for the “tracking” status you mention, which is obviously more involved.

  2. Michael Fagan

    I’m glad you like my ideas :-). Now that I use a newsreader (how could I live without one?), I find myself reading a lot more blogs than I used to. Not surprisingly, many of them link to the same thing on the same day, and I’ve still got to sift through them all.

    SharpReader, which I’m using at the moment, does this link clustering somewhat. But I think I’d rather see the links as the clusters on the left panel, rather than embedded in the top one.

    Tracking is more difficult of course. It is easy to determine if an item has changed, but feeds differ on what they offer. Those that offer comments in the feed just include it in the , I think, rather that , or something. The “weblog proposal for rss” post on Six Log a few days ago touches this subject a little, and ThreadsML may be the solution (don’t know much about this yet).

    Btw, I hope all my comments are smashed into one paragraph….


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