What happened?

This is going to sound like a strange question, but here goes. Did NewsGator get some press today, somewhere, without a direct link? Like in print, maybe? Today was a huge traffic day on http://www.newsgator.com, but referrers aren’t telling the whole story.

There were a very large number of google hits for the phrase “NewsGator” – we get a fair amount every day, but nothing like today…

So did anyone see anything I might have missed?

7 thoughts on “What happened?

  1. Greg Reinacker

    Well, it’s possible, but all of those articles came out at least a week ago, and most of them also contain direct links (so we see them in our referrer logs). Today’s traffic came in from google searches for “NewsGator”…what I’m wondering is, why the spike in that particular search today? (Not that I’m complaining :)

  2. Anil

    I think you are seeing monday-morning readership of Brian Livingston’s InfoWorld article. A lot of people don’t check up on tech news on the weekends, and that could be pushing your page views.

  3. Erwin Wester

    I think it my indeed be Brian Livingstone’s newsletter. He has been talking about RSS a few times, and today included some links to your product.


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