NewsGator 1.1 Released!

NewsGator 1.1 has been released! This is a significant release; many of the most-requested features have been added, and a few bugs have been fixed. You can download 1.1 here. And it’s a free upgrade for licensed 1.0 users. :-)

Change list (with a few pictures):

  • “From” column now shows author if present, otherwise feed name:

  • “Received” column now shows publish date, if present, otherwise retrieve date
  • Feeds which require authentication are now supported:

  • New message notification (task tray bubble) on Windows 2000 and later

  • Optional per-feed update frequency
  • Option to determine modified-post behavior (RSS guid support), which can eliminate duplicate posts for some feeds:

  • Initial view setup for OL2002 removed (no longer necessary)
  • Subscriptions moved to separate menu item
  • Subscription list now sortable
  • Proxy bypass on local setting now supported
  • Added category support
  • Added xhtml:body support
  • Confirmation when deleting subscriptions
  • Added user-defined Post Author field
  • Updated online help for 1.1
  • Added link to tutorial on initial setup screen
  • Minor GUI changes
  • Trial period reset for 1.1
  • Fixed problem where Outlook would not close correctly if user logged off or shut down Windows without closing Outlook
  • Fixed NewsPage bug when a feed title or post title contained certain escaped HTML elements
  • Fixed problem if a folder exists, but doesn’t match because case-sensitive comparison
  • Fixed problem with certain feeds (such as Wired News) that vary the posts between retrievals; NewsGator now buffers at least 50 read posts (or 2x) per feed.
  • Fixed problem where if publish date was specified with a north american time zone (per RFC822), NewsGator would fail to parse it and revert back to the received date
  • Fixed NewsPage problem with folder names containing ‘/’, ‘ ‘, and ‘\’
  • Fixed a few other minor problems


6 thoughts on “NewsGator 1.1 Released!

  1. Daniel Nolan

    I think it would make a lot more sense to have the recieved field set to when you get the post, the sent field should be the one that has the post date in it.

  2. Greg Reinacker

    We went back and forth with that during the beta. It’s the way it is right now for two reasons:

    1. Most users have “received” on their default view, and it’s proven to be extremely valuable to have the publish date information on the default view upon installation.

    2. If you think about what “Received” means for email, it’s the time the message was received by your email server, NOT the time you retrieved it into Outlook. Similarly, you can think of “Received” for NG posts as the time the post was received on the weblog server, not necessarily the time it was retrieved into Outlook.

    That said, I can easily see it either way – I think the way it is now, though, will make it easier for the “average user” to use, based on support inquiries up to this point. But it’s not carved in stone – I’m always open to persuasive arguments; just make sure these arguments consider ease-of-use by OL2000 users.


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